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This is a KYOSHO Hoppin Mad chassis that has been partially assembled. When MECOA bought out SHUWA INDUSTRY there were some of these in the inventory. SHUWA made most of the "MADE IN JAPAN" car engines in the first decade of this century. They also assembled some of the cars for KYOSHO hence that's where this came from.

You get chassis in the pictures only. The last picture is for reference only. I don't think we have anything else. When these are gone, that's it.

BRAND NEW, NEVER USED, NEVER FINAL ASSEMBLED FROM FACTORY. MECOA owns all the remaining inventory from SHUWA and we will be listing may hard to find parts for the engines SHUWA produced.

Shuwa was the biggest private label engine producer in Japan. If you own a "Made in Japan" engine that was not made by OS, Enya, Saito, or YS it was probably made by Shuwa Industry.Shuwa private labeled or made engines for HPI, Yokomo, Fantom Racing FR, Kyosho, Tamiya, Air Supply AS, Team Infinity, Drake, Acme, Werks, Orion, Hot Bodies, CRF, General Silicone GS, X-RAY and others.

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